Hell’s Kitchen

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Hell’s Kitchen description

Are you a survivor? Do you know how to survive in a restaurant kitchen? Test your skills now with this awesome game called Hell's Kitchen starring Gordon Ramsay that is actually based on the TV series. Hot time management is what this game gives you. This cooking game is packed full of fun starring you as the chef.

The dining room is the first stop in Hell's Kitchen. Then using the point and click method you get your waiters to take your guests orders. When the waiters are finished taking the orders then you start the cooking process.

Now there are several steps to the cooking part starting with preparing the vegetables, which needs to be chopped, cutting the meat and grounding the grains. Next you drag the bowl of ingredients to the pan a timer that is under the pan that tell you how long it will require it cooks. You need to make sure you watch the timers close because all the dishes for the table need to be served at the same time. This can get complicated so be careful.

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