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Chocolatier description

If you like action games, restaurant games or cooking games, then you will love this game where you can develop your own collection of creations in Chocolatier, which is the latest chapter of the Baumeister family to find sweetness around the world! In this Chocolatier game you will catch up with the Baumeisters after World War ll. Alex Tangye who is the grand daughter of Evangeline Baumeister wants to find her missing husband, but has left you in charge.

You will get to travel the world collecting ingredients, turn them into special treats that are mouthwatering and then sell them to your local shops. You will get to visit the Baumeister Secret Lab and use all your own ingredients to make your chocolate games with a name and look that you want. You can spend some time with PlayFirst's Chocolatier which is a business simulation that ask players to travel around the globe to get special recipes and ingredients so you can produce great chocolate for a lot of profit.

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Rating: 4.0/5

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