Amelie’s Cafe

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Amelie’s Cafe description

Be in charge of a busy Cafe after Amelie's grandfather decided to travel around the world and left his granddaughter in charge of the restaurant. Amelie's Cafe is a time management game where you need to serve your customers in a timely fashion, or your Cafe might lose grades, the higher the grade of your restaurant, more people will come to eat! So make sure you have the tables set up in a way Amelie can serve them fast, also hire many cooks to keep the kitchen running while Amelie is busy. When you play Amelies Cafe you'll find out other features like mini-games, where you can win power-ups that might speed up cooking time, ingredients, and more! Play Amelies Cafe online now!

  • Over 50 challenging levels
  • Test your time-management skills
  • Non-stop fast-paced action!
  • A cast of lovable characters, cooks, waitress, customers and more.
  • Help Amelie's turn the Cafe into a famous place!
  • Endless Game Modes
  • Are you lost? Get help at our Forums!

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Rating: 4.0/5

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