Birds on a Wire

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Birds on a Wire description

Launching birds into groups by color to set the birds free from your board in this addicted bird game Birds on a Wire. Not to mention keeping your eye out for bonuses and the Big Golden Bird artifact that everyone is striving for! All you have to do is stretch a cord across your screen that fills up with the different color birds! You shoot back your ammo after precisely aiming with the mouse and BOOM! you fire the birds off.

In order to set the birds free all you have to do is match THREE or more birds of the same color! Once they are set free they will disappear in a group of feathers. Sometimes this can leave gaps but do not fear, the birds will wait for you to catch up before they move on. Birds on a Wire even sets you up for good opportunities. Lets say that if a bird of the same color is next in line behind them, then that bird zooms back and gets in a good position to help you out! what more could you ask for?

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Rating: 4.0/5

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