Animal Jam

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Animal Jam description

Animal Jam is a free to play educational MMORPG game developed by Smart Bomb Interactive in conjunction with the National Geographic Kids. The game's idea is to teach the kids interesting facts about plants, animals and environment in a fun way. Kids will have a vast world to discover called Jamaa, the game have now over 6 million players and it's still growing, a lot of parents are satisfied with the results obtained with the game, since the kids are entertained and learning new things every day.

The game is recommended for kids between 4 and 11, but it's not uncommon to have kids even younger playing the game. First time you play Animal Jam free, you are invited to create your character, which can be chosen from several different animals, like Wolf, Tiger, Bunny, Panda, Monkey, Penguins and more! Then you can choose the name of your pet, but since it is an environment for kids, the names are pre-made and you have to choose the one that fits the best for your character. You're going to be guided during the whole process of creating your account.

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