Egypt Solitaire

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Egypt Solitaire description

In this classic version of an all time favorite, players must help the Pharaoh construct his mighty pyramids by utilizing all of the cards dealt at the beginning of the game.

You must select pairs of card that add up to a sum total of 13.

    The card values in Egypt Solitaire are as follows:
  • Cards 2 thru 10 = face value
  • Jacks = 11
  • Queens = 12
  • Kings =13
  • Aces = 1

  • Being that the Kings are worth the desired 13 points, they can be removed at any time during play with a simple point and click. To get a total of 13, you can combine an Ace and a Queen, a jack and a 2, and any other pair of cards that totals 13. When you have removed all of the cards you win the game!

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